Do you have the proper measures in place to stop them?

What is the Trybersecurity work from home toolkit?

We have taken our soon to be released cybersecurity management and education platform Trybersecurity and created a free toolkit for small businesses to use to address some of the key security and privacy issues that have come up with having employees working from home.  The toolkit starts with a brief assessment that will help identify gaps or blind spots that might be putting your critical data and your business at risk.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will be asked to register to see your assessment score and access the toolkit.  The toolkit provides you with insight and templates to help you quickly address the gaps that the assessment identified, as well as selected videos from our cybersecurity awareness training program that will help you identify the threats that businesses are facing with employees working from home.

We knew we had cybersecurity risks, but didn’t know how or where to start.  After completing an assessment with Netmechanics, we understood where our gaps were and how to address them.  Netmechanics showed us that cybersecurity is a business issue and not a technology issue and presented it to us in such a way that made it look like common sense.

CEO, Food Processing Company

Getting started

Access the free toolkit and start securing your business today.

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