If you are a business owner, you know all too well that you wear many hats.  You are human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable, shipping, receiving and probably a lot more!  And while your attention is on all of these duties and responsibilities, you aren’t looking at your cybersecurity.  The bad guys know this and it is exactly why your business is a target.

Netmechanics Cybersecurity Management Software

Today, every business no matter the size depends on technology and has become a target for cyber crime.  However small and medium sized businesses do not have the resources to protect their mission critical data and systems.   Netmechanics is developing a cybersecurity management platform specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses.

The ‘Human Firewall’: a more proactive approach to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has always been expensive, and it’s continuing to increase.  The average business does not have a security team in house or an IT budget to stay on top of emerging threats.

There is no single technology solution that will address today’s most urgent security threats.  Instead, companies must ensure that they’re not just investing in technology, but also nurturing a security-conscious workplace culture – the ‘human firewall’.

The Human Firewall Has Three Main Components
Minimizing Human Error
Getting Ahead of New Threats

Stay on Top of Your Cybersecurity

Netmechanics helps businesses stay on top of their cybersecurity.  Our platform is specifically developed for business owners.  The Netmechanics workflow walks you through how to assess your cybersecurity posture and identify the gaps.

Build a Culture of Cybersecurity

Netmechanics provides a non-technical, yet comprehensive training platform for business owners and their staff.  By educating staff, businesses build a culture of cybersecurity awareness which creates a solid line of defense against hackers and cyber criminals.

Managing The Cybersecurity For Your Business Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

Netmechanics Makes Your Job Easier by Providing:

Tools & Templates

Step-by-Step Methodologies

Training Videos

Policies & Procedures

Insights & Advice From Peers

About Us

Our CEO and Founder, Graeme Barrie has over 20 years experience in IT Security and Risk Management.  Mr. Barrie has trained with the RCMP, the Province of Ontario and other organizations across North America.  We are leveraging this experience and the insight from our researchers and trainers to deliver an easy to use and affordable platform that business owners can use to protect their businesses and their clients.

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