What recent research is saying…..


Of Data Breaches Happened to Small Businesses


Of Attacks are Successful


Out of Business Within 6 Months of a Breach

So Why Are Small Businesses A Target?

If you are a small business owner, you know all to well that you wear many hats. You are human resources, you are accounts payable, you are accounts receivable, you are shipping, you are receiving and you are probably a lot more! And while your attention is on all of these duties and responsibilities, you aren’t looking at your cyber security.  The bad guys know this and it is exactly why small businesses are a target.

1100 businesses were asked “What is the top factor that hinders your organization’s ability to advance cybersecurity efforts?”

  • Lack of Resources 28%
  • Lack of Expertise/Understanding 27%
  • Lack of Information 14%
  • Lack of Time 14%
  • Lack of Training 9%
So How Does CyberGauge Help Me?
We are developing CyberGauge for the small business owner. We are taking what we have learned from business owners and building an application to allow you to manage your cybersecurity and risks in a simple manner that fits in to your schedule and your budget.