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We have opened our soon to be released TryberSecurity platform to help educate business owners and employees in an entertaining and engaging way on the scams and threats that you may face while working from home.


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What is TryberSecurity?

We’re taking over 20 years of experience in information security and packing it in to a gamified cybersecurity learning and management platform for small and medium sized businesses.  We are planning to launch TryberSecurity later this spring, but with these stressful times and the pressures they are placing on businesses we’ve decided to launch a version now with specially curated training, tips and tools that business owners can take advantage of now to protect their business and their employees.

Animated Episodes

We use 3 to 4 minute micro-learning episodes that educate your users on the latest threats and breaches.

Real Attacks

Every episode is based on a real company that has suffered a significant breach.  The focus is on a single attack vector so your employees don’t become overwhelmed with technical details.

Hollywood Writing

Each episode is written by a member of the Writers Guild of America who has written and produced some of the biggest television series.


Competition encourages engagement.  Employees who complete episodes quickly and pass the quiz the first time, earn more points to secure a top spot on the leaderboard.

Register for free training for all of your staff while working from home on the threats and risk that they are facing.

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